What happens next?

You’ve found your dress… if the dress you have tried on fits you perfect, it’s just a case of ordering your wonderful gown. If the dress in the shop doesn’t fit… now comes the measuring, ordering and paying the deposit which is normally 50% with either your balance being paid on your gowns arrival or some boutiques offer the pay in instalments, which helps with the budgeting.

Depending on the supplier the wedding dress can take from 12 to 36 weeks, so it’s always best to check this before ordering. Rush orders can be done a lot quicker but come at a cost.

The dress arrives…

You will then go to collect your dress, you will be trying on the gown and checking that any alterations may be needed e.g. any little nip and tucks or shortening, etc. It is advisable to wear the underwear and shoes which you plan to wear for your big day. If no alterations are needed then you pay the balance if not already done so. Some shops offer for the dress to be, stored and steamed, so the dress will be pristine for your special day.


If alterations are needed, you will have arranged a fitting with the instore seamstress prior to collection, so when you try your wedding dress on the seamstress can do the fitting and arrange the alterations. Some shops do offer alterations some don’t, so you will have to make your own arrangements or be given a recommended seamstresses details to arrange yourself.  The alterations which may be needed will be done and usually charged separately. Charges should be checked on before ordering, some shops don’t charge extra for this service, some don’t do alterations, so this has to be taken into account.

Who will help me on my wedding day?

Usually on wedding days the bride will have lots of help, so this shouldn’t be a problem, they have bridesmaids, mothers and friends who can help. On a lot of occasions we get asked to help the bride to dress on their special day. This can be helpful if everyone else is busy getting ready too, but also we can make sure the dress is fitted to the bride like a glove. Buttons all done? Corsetry tied correctly? Helped into their transport to alleviate as many creases as possible, so they get the ceremony looking their best.

Janine dressing a bride

Written by Janine from www.onceuponatimebridalwear.co.uk

Photo from Emily Cromarty

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