Mix & Twist provide a unique mobile bar experience with entertaining bartenders for weddings and events, focusing on their clients having a fun and stress-free experience, full of wow factor!

They recently teamed up with with a fabulous team of creatives on a 1950s Cocktail Party photoshoot, masterfully styled by ​Jeanie Strain​ at Atomic Era Photography Studio and beautifully captured by Photographer Leroy Harding.

The 1950s was a decade full of glamour, parties and hard liquor, and their solid focus on fun and drinks continues to inspire the great parties of today. The hosts of these soirees may not have had the genius mobile cocktail bars that we have today, from which to mix a Mojito or serve up a Sidecar, but they made the most of the drinks they had to create some classics that are still popular today. Cocktails so familiar to us that they feel more like friends than orders at a bar. Tom Collins, Shirley Temple, and the rest of the gang.

Advice in those days on throwing a party, from the likes of ​Good Housekeeping’s Perfect Parties guide, put an emphasis on convenience. “Making things easy makes things fast and fun”, which I think we can all agree is still a party priority to this day. And what better way to make things easy for your own event, whatever the theme, than to hire a bartender or use a mobile bar hire service to take care of your drinks so that you and your friends can simply dance the night away. Whilst the drinks still come thick and fast, of course!

The best thing about mobile cocktail bars is that they can be used anywhere. You don’t have to select a venue with a bar that is already in place; we can set up a bar almost anywhere. All that’s left for you to do is select drinks off their ​cocktail menu​ that complement your event. At this fabulous vintage cocktail party shoot they used a cool boat bar, courtesy of ​Atomic Era Photography Studio​ to display drinks and serve up some colourful cocktails. And as with any legendary party from the Mad Men era, they certainly served up a variety for the models to enjoy.

Gin was huge in the 1950s, making this the perfect opportunity to serve up some Gin cocktails from our mobile cocktail bar menu. We opted for an English Mojito (served with Gin instead of the traditional rum), Brambles – made with blackberry liqueur, lemon and sugar – and a Peach and Grapefruit Sling. Oh, and when you hire a bartender and they manage to perfectly match your cocktail to the colour of the bathroom, like you see here, you know they’re good!

The 1950s were a very colourful time, and it’s wonderful to see their cocktails have been captured in all of their brightly coloured glory by fabulous photographer ​Leroy Harding​, matching the kitsch decor, and vintage dresses provided by​ Elegant Era Vintage​. This was a truly enjoyable day, and they’d love to create the same sense of fun, excitement and cocktail selection for your own event or party.    Continue reading here….


Photography: Leroy Harding

Styling: Jeanie Event Styling

Clothes: Carolyn Davies from Elegant Era Vintage

Models: Lydia Ross Ben Morgan Paulette Gaber-Amin Aurora Le Ton

Venue: Atomic Era Photography Studio


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