When it comes to the joyous occasions and life moments your wedding day is right at the top of the list. It’s the day you stand in front of your most beloved people and vow to love and cherish someone for as long as you live. However, to get to that wonderful day, there are many miles to walk. There’s a wedding dress to pick, catering and music to book, decorations, invitations, save the date cards, choosing a photographer and the list is so long you might just be tempted to scratch it entirely and simply elope. Still knowing how special it is to celebrate your love with friends and family, you’ll power through the stress and get to the finish line, especially if you follow our ultimate checklist that will make wedding planning a whole lot easier.

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Pick your colors

The color palette is something you need to decide on before making any other choices. These colors will be on your invitations, flower arrangements, décor so make smart and careful decisions. The most important thing to bear in mind is that it should reflect you and your future spouse’s personality, so if you’re relaxed, free-spirited people, go for earthy tones and a bohemian vibe. If you like navy details, your choice will be different shades of blue complemented by white. The point is, look for inspiration within your personality and you won’t go wrong, and of course, Pinterest is always there for specific ideas.

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Bridal beauty

Once you’ve decided on a theme for the décor, it’s paramount to start your perfect dress hunt in a timely manner. Finding the perfect dress takes time, so you want to get a jump on it first thing. Once you’ve said yes to the dress, it’s time to complete the look with just the right accessories, shoes, jewelry and the perfect hairdo. Some girls take their mother’s wedding dresses, as an homage to their moms, which can be incredibly nice and meaningful. In India for instance, girls don’t even worry about this part because they know they’ll be inheriting their mom’s outfits, which is a wonderful tradition – having something to pass down. There are numerous options, so make sure you land on one in good time.

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Cake, cake!

Aside from making sure you have amazing and season appropriate food (for this it’s best to hire a professional catering service and just convey your wishes), you need the perfect ending to the evening, and that is the cake. The colors on the cake should ideally match the color palette of the wedding, and the flavor, well, that’s up to your and your spouse’s taste.

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Capturing every moment

The mind has a way of playing tricks with us, and there are details that will fade away in time. The best way to keep those memories vivid for the rest of your life is through the magic of good photographs. Now, not all photographers are made equal, so if you want to have wedding pictures that will be a true and gorgeous testament of the day, you have to scout for the perfect wedding photography in Sydney, because the best ones can be booked a year in advance.

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Good vibes only

Of course everyone will remember the way you looked, how the food tasted and the laughs that were shared at the tables. Still, the crucial element for a truly smashing wedding that will be talked about for years later is the choice of music and band. Again, the best bands can be snagged right under you, so this should also be done early on. As for the song list, don’t just pick songs you like, but bear in mind the ‘popular taste’ and the kinds of jams that will get everyone on their feet.

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