Wedding days are almost always memorable not just for the bride and groom, but also for those who attend the wedding and share in the happy couple’s most special moment. The enjoyment of the day can come at a price, though, as going to a wedding requires some expenditure. You’ll need to buy a gift for the bride and groom, invest in a new suit or dress, book accommodation and make sure you have money for a few drinks. It’s quite likely that you could be travelling for the wedding, too, so transport costs would need to be budgeted. The expense is even higher for those who are invited to the pre-wedding hen or stag parties. Again, this will entail spending money on drinks, travel, accommodation and probably an activity that has been arranged as part of the celebration.

The overall cost of attending someone’s wedding will, of course, vary depending on factors such as the distance required to get to the wedding and whether there is a need to find accommodation. A study by the Nationwide Building Society calculated that the average cost of attending a wedding alone is £215 per person, while those partaking in hen or stag parties can expect to add roughly the same amount on top of that. In short, if you’ve been invited to both the pre-wedding celebration and the ceremony, you should reasonably budget around £500 for both, possibly more depending on circumstances.

This infographic from Gear Jewellers ( takes a closer look at the breakdown of the costs of being a wedding guest and gives a few tips on how you can reduce these costs without being a blatant penny-pincher.

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