Why bother with the usual bride and groom portrait for your wedding day when you can add a touch of quirkiness and your own personality to the mix? There are plenty of interesting ideas for your most gorgeous, stunning and lovable shot. Therefore, the following suggestions may help capture the perfect moment on your big day.

The Back Shot

When it comes to the back shot wedding portrait trend, it seems that USA’s love birds favor this one in particular. It’s no wonder though, considering that there are plenty of adequate backgrounds to make this type of portrait stunningly beautiful. Some of the most popular ones involve the bride and groom holding hands and walking on a road, a railway or a bridge towards their future. What’s more, the back shot is very popular with a somewhat panoramic scenery. Just imagine the lovely couple staring into the vastness of the Grand Canyon as the wind plays with their hair and attire.

The Detail Shot

Recently, focusing on small details when it comes to your wedding portrait has been all the rage, especially around Europe. One of the most famous types of portraits in this category involves snapping the moment of your joint hands, with rings clearly visible. Moreover, just as unconventional wedding themes and dress codes are getting more popular, shots of the bride and groom where they show a peak of their wedding shoes have also taken the world by storm. This is especially interesting when unusual shoes, such as bright Converse, are paired with the wedding attire.

The Kiss Shot

There’s nothing quite like the famous kiss shot when the bride and groom portrait is concerned. After all, this is the day that celebrates love and kiss shots are only natural. However, you can make the kiss shot as interesting as possible. A kiss with the sunset or starry sky in the background has always been one of the most romantic shots. Still, you can always spice things up a little bit, with a passionate kiss in the middle of your wedding dance, or even an “indirect” kiss through something small and sweet such as a cherry or a strawberry.

The Playful Shot

Of course, if you want something truly special and unique as your wedding portrait, a playful shot is a must. It seems that couples from Australia absolutely love to get playful since this is one of the most popular poses for wedding photography there. That’s why they are always looking for unusual locations such as beautiful golf courses in Sydney where they can be goofy. Basically, there’s no limit to what you can do. Running around, laughing, replaying the famous movie/book scenes, acting silly, etc. are just some of the possibilities for this amazing shot. Let your creativity and love for each other intertwine and shine!

The Editorial Shot

Want some glamour for your wedding shot? There are plenty of ideas in this case as well. One of the most popular is undoubtedly the scene where the rest of the family holds a frame, with the bride and groom in the background and the center of the frame. Of course, photos captured in the breathtaking nature with almost magical scenery and setup are also something you may want to look into.

Can’t figure out which type of wedding portrait is perfect for you? Then have fun and try them all! The most important thing is to stay true to yourselves and enjoy every moment to the fullest.

Thank you to Georgia Selih @lifestyleblogger      Photographs from Unsplashed

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