Beginning the magical adventure of marriage is a big deal. That’s why the bride and groom are traditionally expected to enjoy separate celebrations with their mates in the days leading up to the wedding. However, as it’s now more common for people to have a multitude of friends of either gender, those traditional ‘hen’ and ‘stag’ shindigs are evolving. Introducing the ‘sten’ do; a mashup of the two, involving friends from both sides of the wedding party! If you’re planning a ‘sten’ do and struggling for ideas to amuse the guys and dolls, check out our guide for a little inspiration!

Treasure Hunt

Treasure HuntFancy getting your competitive juices flowing? Well, treasure hunts can take place in cities or out in the country, pitting two (or more!) teams against each other in a race against time. Lots of companies organise these hunts and many now have a technological element to them, giving you a specially designed app for your smart phone which will lead you with a series of clues, challenges and puzzles.



Murder Mystery

“Whodunnit?” Murder mystery games can be an engrossing and immensely inclusive night of gruesome fun. Your role in the mystery is usually pre-determined and often people will dress up to fit their character. The structured game plays out a plot, usually over a three-course dinner, and the aim is to solve the puzzle around a fictitious murder. They are designed for each guest to be equally involved, but only one is the culprit!


Lightsaber School

Lightsaber schoolIs the Force strong with your group? If so, an afternoon wielding lightsabers might just be in order if your clan is Star Wars-obsessed. Duel with friends (or your father) and learn to use a variety of techniques at venues all across the UK. Once you’ve learned the ways of the Jedi, you’ll put your training to good use and compete to become the party champion. Will you be the Obi-Wan left standing? Or will the masters have to Luke elsewhere for their champion?



Archery Tag

Don’t panic! You won’t be using steel-ended arrows! Archery tag is perfectly safe and brilliant fun. You’ll be equipped with a bow and arrows which have a soft sponge on the end, so you won’t be getting injured. Your group will be split into two teams and you’ll be unleashed on your “battlefield”, aiming to eliminate the opposition and take out the targets they are guarding by channelling your inner Legolas (or Lego-lass!). It’s the perfect outing for those wanting the thrill of paintballing without the bruises!


 Pizza Making

Pizza making‘Hen’ and ‘stag’ parties aren’t usually associated with culture, but a pizza-making ‘sten’ do would certainly be a little classier than the norm. Learn how to stretch, knead and shape the dough, before customising your very own pizza with a variety of toppings. But are you brave enough to give pizza tossing a try?



The ‘stag’, ‘hen’ or ‘sten’ do is a big part of any wedding. Things can go wrong with such an excitable crowd, however. The bride might injure herself playing archery tag, or the groom may fall on his lightsaber. But as long as alcohol isn’t involved, offers up to £25,000 worth of Cancellations & Expenses cover, which could save you a lot of bother if an injury to a key member of the wedding party forces the big day to be pushed back.

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