Choosing a rose gold engagement ring provides both timeless elegance and romantic style. Although rose gold made its presence known during the Victorian era, we see this alloy today as a popular alternative choice when you compare it to a more traditional gold such as yellow or white gold.

Prior to making a choice while you search for wedding or engagement rings, be sure to take everything into consideration first.

Brief History of Rose Gold

Rose gold first made its debut in 19th century Russia and was originally named Russian gold. This name stuck because at the time, the Russians were basically the only culture to wear this unusual type of gold. Rose gold then spread all throughout the Victorian era.

When the 1920’s came around, the crafters of this gold began to make a fortune due to its exposure by Cartier after his trinity style rose gold ring obtained the endorsement of popular writer Jean Cocteau. The fascinating part is that Cartier was commissioned by Cocteau to create the beautiful ring.

Then, when World War II began, gold color schemes came into play heavily in the making of jewelry. During the war, there was no question that yellow and rose gold ultimately defined all jewelry.

Today, rose gold’s popularity in jewelry design has now become the number one choice among consumers. Whether it comes from Cartier or Piaget, rose gold has seemed to make its own place in jewelry history. Just like fashion has its runway shows to set new trends, rose gold has easily been able to set its own trend among the most well-known jewelry designers.

Rose Gold Compared to Yellow and White Gold

When it comes to rose gold engagement and wedding rings, there are not many comparisons to mention between rose gold, yellow or white.

The biggest comparison worth mentioning is the overall cost of the rose gold wedding rings or engagement ring and the rose gold diamond ring. The cost is seen as an equal when compared to either the yellow or white alternatives. Depending on the type of alloy you have mixed will determine whether they will be more or less expensive.

You should be aware that white gold is mixed with nickel, which some people could be allergic to. This is the main reason why white gold is slowly being phased out of production.

Durability of Rose Gold

When it comes to rose gold’s durability, this also depends on the type of alloy used in the gold mix.

Rose gold wedding and engagement rings have a higher durability when it comes to the 14k and 18k rose gold wedding rings or bands.

To get a better idea of rose gold’s durability it is best to determine what the Vickers Hardness Values are; a unit of measure to determine a gold’s scratch resistance rating.

But, if you don’t have time to check out the Vicker’s Hardness Values, just know that having a higher karat gold is known to be stronger than its low karat counterparts.

With 14k and 18k rose gold, its scratch resistance is a lot more pronounced compared to yellow gold while white gold’s scratch resistance is significantly higher than both rose gold and yellow gold.

Regardless, there are many other factors that determine durability among the varieties of gold rings. This is why having a higher karat rose gold ring will be best when it comes to standing the test of time as compared to a much lower karat rose gold.

So if you are in the market for rose gold diamond rings or rose gold engagement rings, your best bet will be to stick to the 18k option. It’s valuable to keep in mind that while they 14k option may not be the right option for you, it’s still worth considering due to its lower price point.

The downfall to the 10k or 9k rose gold is that, over time, your ring will potentially thing due to its lower durability. This will require you to give it extra care so that its shape can be maintained.

The Pros and Cons of Rose Gold as a Ring Metal


-Durable and high scratch resistance
-Romantic and creative rose colors
-Affordable in price
-Enhancement of gem colors
-Can match the wearer’s skin tones
-It is the current trend in jewelry


-Copper mixed in can cause allergic reactions
-An uncommon metal


The 14k and 18k rose gold rings and bands have become the consumers choice for wedding rings that’ll remain timeless.

Not only will rose gold last but, its color will be maintained for its entire life. This is the biggest advantage when compared to the alternate yellow and white gold options that are available.



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