Angela Musson and Sean Smith

20th December 2014, Allerton Castle

Photography by Nikki Bowling

When I first got the booking for Angela and Sean’s wedding I was so excited! They are a fab couple, really down to earth and just lovely! And Allerton Castle was a venue I had never worked at before, and was certainly at the top my wish list! It certainly didn’t disappoint!

I started off the day with bridal preps – Angela and the girls in one of the castle’s amazing rooms. I had seen a picture of “the dress” before the day, but when I saw it properly I was amazed – stunning and just perfect for Angela. After bridal preps I went to photograph Sean and the lads playing snooker, which was great fun! The suits looks fab and the colours were amazing.

The ceremony itself was held the stunning great hall of the castle, and the icing on the cake was a beautiful owl flying across the room with the rings – a surprise for Sean from Angela!

After the ceremony we arranged a full group shot in a heart shape, which went surprisingly smoothly! Then it was outside for shots of Angela and Sean, and the groups were done inside. I was totally in awe of the castle and its’ grounds – a photographer’s dream! As it was late in the year, light was fading fast, but thankfully we had enough time to get the bride and groom shots outside.

My photography package is up until the meal, and I offer evening photography as an extra if required. I was very pleased Angela and Sean booked me for the evening! It meant I was able to capture the beautiful room set up, get the speeches, and spend loads of time capturing those informal moments that make each day unique. Also, it was amazing to be there for the fireworks and first dance, and to see Angela’s equally stunning evening dress!

I love my job, and every single wedding I am part of is a pleasure and a privilege. Angela and Sean’s wedding was truly amazing! They are a fantastic couple – lovely, down to earth, professional and driven. Angela’s attention to detail for her day was second to none – so much planning had gone in to every little thing, and it all worked perfectly!

A fabulous day, with a great couple, beautiful venue, and amazing touches! I love my job!

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