This month we look at the advantages of hiring a florist to create your wedding flowers for you rather than DIYing your wedding flowers.  You even get to see us this month in photographs taken by The White Jigsaw of us at work!

Amy from Thoughts of You Flowers at work

A professional wedding florist will have a wealth of experience working with Bride’s and Groom’s on their weddings. They will know a wide range of techniques as well as hundreds of flower names and colour varieties for each flower and the seasons they are available. This knowledge will mean they are able to help to advise on the best flowers for your wedding date, theme and colour scheme.

Ordering, conditioning, arranging and then finally delivering and setting up the flowers takes a lot of time. Probably far longer than you expect. On average one wedding can take around 20 hours (often more) for ordering, collecting, conditioning, arranging and delivering the flowers. As much as people think ‘playing with flowers’ is lovely and relaxing it can be a very stressful job.

Floristry is also a messy job and at times it’s also dangerous! Using scissors and knives can easily cause cuts and gashes. Some flowers and foliage’s or poisonous or irritants, meaning using the wrong flowers could make you seriously poorly or with an allergic reaction, neither of which you would want for your wedding day! The day before the wedding when we are arranging flowers for the wedding day often involves a late night with a very early morning on the wedding day for the final jobs and finishing touches to the flowers.

All of this can mean we don’t look our best when we are ‘only’ delivering the flowers for your wedding day. As the Bride would you want to look tired, have green stained hands with scratches from arranging your wedding flowers and possibly an allergic reaction? Or would you want anyone who is attending the wedding having this or the stress of arranging your flowers for you?

DIYing wedding flowers yourself or getting a friend or family member to arrange them for you may save you money but the stress, time and work involved may be more to take on than you first expect. You may also find the lack of knowledge with regards to flower names and seasonal availability limits your choice in colours and varieties of flowers for you to work with.

Many thanks to Amy of Thoughts of You Flowers for the article

Photography by The White Jigsaw Photography

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