In the run up to your wedding you’ll be busy collecting dresses, taking decorations to the venue and maybe dropping off accessories to bridesmaids. Don’t forget to leave some time to meet your photographer a few days before the wedding.

You may have booked your photographer a year ago and meeting up with them is helpful for them to refresh in their minds who you are and what type of wedding photographs you’d like. You probably weren’t thinking then about the particular groups you’d like so it’s good to talk through that with them as well. During the whirl of the day, you’ll probably forget that you wanted a photo with Aunty Mabel or your High School friends.

I like to double check the timings of the day, as the venue may have changed them or you’ve booked something recently which means they’ve had to change. They may not have been finalised when you booked your photographer so it’s best that they know beforehand when everything is going to happen.

If you have had a signing frame or a signing book made from your engagement photo shoot, it’s likely that you’ll collect it now as well. You’ll need plenty of time to get it to the venue.

Finally, it’s just good to touch base with your photographer, reassure yourself that they are prepared for the day and that they know which photos you require. Then you can relax and enjoy your wedding day.

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