Wedding = Celebration, Celebration= Champagne, Champagne = a fabulous glass…but flute, coupe or tulip?

The big day is coming and all has to be perfectly chosen to fit the majestic occasion. One of those details that matter and are directly connected to the impression is the glasses you use for this unique event!

You have just chosen an expensive Champagne or a less expensive but still festive and impressive Prosecco or Cuvee wine to mark the celebration of your wedding…but then…glassware is another significant aspect to consider in order to valorise properly the magical drink! This article is meant to help you choose the right glass according to your own preferences. We will not choose it for you; just guide you through the process by underlining the pluses and the minuses of the most common glassware used for sparkling wines.

The Flutes

The flutes are nowadays best known glasses for sparkling wines (Champagne, Prosecco, and Cuvee) all over the world. They could also be used for cocktails containing sparkling wines or even…beer.

The flute was developed along with other wine stemware in the 18th century as the preferred shape for sparkling wine. Initially, the flute was tall, conical, and slender but in the 20th century the tastes changed from a straight-sided glass to one which curved inward slightly near the lip.

Nowadays flute is a tall, tapered glass that was especially designed to showcase the magical effect of the tinny, raising bubbles. The surface of reduced contact with the air allows it to perfectly the dance of the raising bubbles. The stem will prevent the contact with your hand and thus not allowing the warming of the perfectly chilled sparkling drink.

However a very narrow flute concentrates the glass and gives the CO2 bubbles an effect that might be unpleasant to the nose if the sparkling wine is served straight away.

Still the crystal flutes are spectacular, attractive and durable and make a strong and powerful impression to your guests, especially if the initial, welcome drinks might wait a bit longer before being served.

 The Coupes

Before the arrival of the flute, the must-have glass for Champagne, generally made of the beautifully clinging and clear crystal, was …the Coupe. The semi-spherical glass, having the shape of a saucer has an origin that can be considered rather ignoble.

Legend says that is moulded from Marie Antoinette’s breast, but the historical truth is that the glass was created in England over a century earlier especially for champagne in 1663! But then, where did this legend come from? Marie Antoinette had porcelain bowls molded from her breast. At that time they were designed, the queen was very much into a back-to-nature thinking. Her actions were meant to convince aristocrat women to breast-feed their babies instead of relying on wet nurses!

The rounded profile of the Coupe allows a larger contact surface which means that the sparkling drink will rapidly lose its bubbles, but this means better tasting the aromas and the risk of getting quickly tipsy is significantly reduced…

Many wine specialists still consider the coupe as being the best choice for sparkling wines as they need aeration to fully demonstrate their potential and aromas. The coupes have a vintage, elegant silhouette, fabulous gleam with perfect clarity! The coupe is ideal for sweet sparkling wine with a rich fruity flavour.

If you ever stop in a trendy bar in any metropolis and you’ll find cocktails served in the coupe glass!  Though the Martini glass with its interesting conical shape has been the must-have cocktail glass for quite some time, the coupe is nowadays more and more preferred because it’s easier to hold and manoeuvre without sloshing your beverage around. Its small size and rounded design is perfect for holding a drink even when you’re tipsy!

The Tulips

A beautiful compromise between the two glasses bellow would be the Tulip Glass for sparkling wine – an elongated glass, rounded in the middle and tapering towards the top. The spherical shape of the glass, according to specialists, encourages the vertical movement and the very much appreciated role of the mousse (the foam that gives the feeling of the sparkling wine in the month)!

The tulip glasses allow you to gorge on the lovely aroma and taste while fully appreciating the bubbles that give joy to your drinking experience. They have the shape of a tulip and have a larger surface than the flute, but smaller than the coupe. The tulips glasses are perfect to reveal the perfume and complexity of sparkling wine.

Regardless the shape of the glasses you chose, we strongly advise you to enjoy the event with a chilled sparkling wine in your hand!

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