Thematic weddings are very popular. You are free to choose from a great number of various themes for the weddings, but a black and white wedding stands out from the rest. Such weddings look very stylish and they will never go out of fashion.

So, let’s see how to organize a black & white wedding to impress your guests with your good taste and stylish details.

Black and White Wedding Dresses and Groom’s Outfits

asian wedding couple hugging each other focus on the bouquet black and white.

Undoubtedly, the outfits for bride and groom are one of the key issues. The traditional wedding tuxedos, tailcoats and dressy suits for a groom are black and are worn with white shirts. However, you can show your creativity and opt for a white suit and a black shirt. Also, a groom can have a total white outfit for a white and black wedding theme. But, the total black outfit will look too gloomy.

As to the bride, one of the best options is a black and white wedding dress. There are many cool ideas of white and black wedding dresses for sale. Very often, the brides opt for a white gown, which is decorated with black lace. And the most creative brides dare to wear totally black wedding dresses.

bride in a luxurious wedding dress with a black lace holding a wedding bouquet decorated with a black ribbon made of roses

If you want to have a more traditional look, you may opt for a white dress, which has some slight black details or complement it with black accessories. For instance, it may have a black waistband or be worn with a black bolero. Moreover, a traditional white dress may be worn for a black and white wedding. If the groom wears a black suit, your couple will look harmonious within the chosen theme.

Black and White Wedding Decor Ideas

Wedding decor. Wedding interior, Festive decor, table layout.

Clearly, you must stick to black and white wedding theme ideas while choosing wedding decorations. Every detail must be taken into account. The walls can be decorated with black and white garlands as well as balloons and prints.

Also, a cute idea is to print the photos of the couple in black and white and make a cute collage of them. Or, you can use a blackboard and offer your guests to write their wishes on it with white chalk. The table centerpieces may be adorned with white flowers in black vases as well as with candles in black and white holders.

The decorations for black and white wedding theme may also feature some patterns. For example, you may choose the ones with stripes. Also, the floral patterns look very cute. They make the strict color scheme look more romantic. The images of hearts and other romantic things are used as well.  

Other Details of Black and White Themed Weddings

Beautiful white and black butterfly wedding cake

Among the other things, you must pay attention to the wedding invitations, cake, wedding bouquet and many smaller details. The black and white wedding invitations will inform your guests about the wedding theme beforehand and they will come prepared. If you want your guests to wear in this color scheme, write about that in the invitation.

As black flowers are extremely rare, a bride may have a bouquet of white flowers, but adorn it with a black ribbon, brooch or pearls. The cake must be also corresponding. It will be not hard to choose the most suitable one among a wide range of black and white wedding cakes for sale.

Now, you know some basic black and white wedding ideas and are ready to start the preparation for your thematic wedding. Don’t be afraid of this color scheme. It looks very stylish and unusual.

Article by Lesly White,  Editor at The Best Wedding Dresses

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