As Bob Dillon once said “The times they are a changing… So put the mankini down.” But in terms of stag weekends times are definitely changing. While it might have been acceptable to shave eyebrows and chug beers in the 80’s, modern stags are far healthier, preferring to head outdoors to learn man skills and take on Mother Nature in her own back yard. Leading stag party organisers have been arranging some suitably tough weekends for stags looking to escape soft city living.

Move over Bear Grylls, here come the stags!

7 Summer Stag Weekend Challenges

Coasteering – The stag will need to get from A – B across a tough area of coastland. The groom’s team of heroes will be kitted up with helmets, wetsuits and life vests before swimming through caves, rock climbing, crossing whirl pools, cliff jumping and more. It’s literally taking a long walk off a short cliff.

Beach High Wire – 120ft above a spectacular Cornish beach stags will again be heading from A – B but this time the challenge is to do it on a high wire while looking down at the teeny tiny tourists below. A real test of nerve, balance and possibly the scariest hangover cure ever!

Bushcraft – Learn the real art of survival. Fire making, shelter building, hunting, tracking knife and axe craft. This is all the man skills you could ever need and as far as the stags can get from their sofas, smartphones and takeaways. The groom will also face our very peculiar Bushtucker Trial.

Somerset Challenge – Imagine if tractor loving popstars The Wurzels were left in charge of the Olympic Games and did all their planning while fuelled on scrumpy cider… Welcome to the Somerset Challenge, the world’s weirdest sporting event. The groom will also get interrogated on the terrifying Farmer’s Shower.

Ultimate Zip Wire – It’s Europe’s longest and fastest zip wire with speeds of up to 100 mph and spanning over a mile in length. It’s the perfect way to clear any tender heads and an amazing experience the groom will never forget. Set in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Zombie Boot Camp – If you really want to learn useful skills then why not get properly prepared for a zombie apocalypse (after all, according to Hollywood it’s just a matter of time before the brain munchers arrive). You’ll handle firearms, shoot exploding targets and learn how to make the undead… well, erm, even deader.

Bear Gryll’s Stag Survivors – Stag weekends really don’t get tougher than this. You’ll head to the Brecon Beacons (playground and training site of the SAS) and be taught cutting edge survival techniques from Bear’s own team. Stag weekends don’t get tougher than this.

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