Eyes are the window to the heart…and the soul. On your wedding day, your eyes must be wide open, not watery, blurry and bloodshot. A woman should feel beautiful and amazing on her wedding day and her eyes should show her emotions…not her allergies or sensitivities.

Allergy sufferers know the warmer weather brings allergens that cause eyes to react with waterworks, and brides with sensitive eyes or who wear contacts might be especially prone to eye irritation. Extra cosmetics to enhance the eyes may even cause more eye issues.

So what’s a weary-eyed bride to do? Should she skip cosmetics completely and go completely natural? While opting for au natural appeal is one option, the most ideal solutions are to research and try out the best products for eyes and to treat the any allergy issues before they become problematic.

Brides with sensitive eyes, who wear contacts or who are among the many who suffer from seasonal allergies, these “eye-opening” tips are for you:

Conscientious Contacts

Wearing contacts can make eyes more prone to irritation, simply because contacts may attract dust or debris to their surface. When getting ready for your wedding day, always put contacts in the eyes before applying make-up. Placing contacts in the eye after a glam make-up job might create tears and smudge or even ruin the whole beautiful look. The fingers also might have debris from make-up that could stick to the contact lens and irritate the eye.

Also, as Allure is quick to point out…be sure to wash hands before putting in contact lenses. And never sleep in contacts!

Myopic Make-Up

Wearing the wrong type of eye make-up could cause more issues. Look for cosmetics labeled for sensitive eyes or that say that they are “ophthalmologist tested” or even “safe for contact lens wearers.”

Eye makeup also has a lifespan. You cannot keep a tube of mascara or a pan of eyeshadow indefinitely. According to Shape, replace mascara every two to three months and powder shadows every year or two. Obviously, if you have been diagnosed with an eye infection, toss out all eye cosmetics and buy new products!

Never ever share makeup with friends. Tubes of mascara may harbor bacteria. Sharing make-up is essentially sharing bacteria…so don’t do it!

Protect Your Peepers

Getting married in the daylight hours? Don a set of shades when you’re outside to protect your eyes. Even if your eyes aren’t sensitive, UV rays from the sun can damage eyes, increasing the risk of macular degeneration and even cataracts. Plus squinting at the sun may increase the risk of crow’s feet and other fine lines. Pick out a pair of wedding appropriate frames or just wear your favorite go-to glasses! You can even gift members of the wedding party with a cool pair of shades.

Allergies Attack

Allergy sufferers should try to keep allergens at bay for the wedding day. Don’t plan an outdoor wedding if pollen or other outdoor allergens are an issue. Sensitive brides also might opt for faux blooms. Silk flowers are just as beautiful…and so much lighter to carry. If taking medication for allergies is a must, make sure you understand and anticipate any side effects that may affect how you feel on your special day. Talk to your doctor to discuss options if side effects are a concern.

Brides should keep eyes focused on the future and on the special someone at the end of the altar…and allergens, sensitivities and wonky contacts should not be obstructing that true blue view. Keep eyes pristine by using the right products for sensitive eyes and treating allergies before they become a nuisance. And don’t forget your shades…yes, you can even wear them at night.

Article by Shannon Lochwood

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