Now that the summer is approaching, this means warmer weather (hopefully!).  I will be focussing on make-up for brides getting married during the summer months and for brides getting married abroad.  These tips are also suitable for general holiday make-up.

This month is all about the eyes.  Now you’re perfectly primed and have your base, you can be creative with your eyes.  As our skin picks up some more colour, and our base becomes darker, colour can really make your eyes ‘pop’.

Whilst enjoying the summer sun, protecting the eye area is of upmost importance! The skin around the eye area is the most sensitive, and is also the most delicate and the thinnest. An easy way to protect this, and add a touch of glamour is to quickly apply some cream shadow with your finger (saves on bringing all those brushes!) I have the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in ‘Rubenesque’ in my kit. It is a highly pigmented eye colour which glides smoothly over the lids, drying to an intense, shimmery finish. It doesn’t crease or cake, making it perfect for hotter climates. It also acts as a brilliant eyelid primer and eyeshadow can be applied over the top, making it a multi-tasking marvel!

A swipe of waterproof mascara should be all you need to finish your look, and I recommend Le Volume de Chanel mascara. I have no more words to say other than amazing! Chanel also have a  waterproof version, which will become your best friend on holiday.

Photograph by Gillian Cross


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