The average cost of a wedding has soared to a heart stopping £27,000.  The average food and drink bill comes to nearly £4,000 and a wedding dress an average of £1385. That’s pretty astounding. Especially when you consider that the average Joe earns just under £28k annually. It’s an astonishing amount to spend on one day – even if it is one of the most important in your life.

It’s a relief then to know that it doesn’t have to cost you that much. A wonderful wedding needn’t put you into the red for the next few years. Being smart in your choices and concentrating on what really matters, means you can still have the day of your dreams, but also a debt-free start to your marriage.

This guide from financial experts Money Guru gives some great advice on how to make the most of your skills, your family and friends and the money you do have to spend. Here’s just a few ways you can cut down on the costs.

 How to cut down on costs

Do it yourself

A wedding planner can do pretty much everything but say “I do” for you. They’re a great hep. They have all the contacts and can probably find you exactly what you’re looking for. At a price. Save the cost and do it yourself.

The Clothes

Hire suits are cheaper than buying something you’ll probably never wear again. The best man can wear one of his own smart suits and colour co-ordinate and the high street has a very affordable range of bridal and bridesmaid’s dresses that won’t stretch the purse strings too much.

The Honeymoon

Getting married is exhausting. The day after, you’re unlikely to want to be on a plane at 6am. A honeymoon directly after your wedding isn’t essential. Wait until you have saved the money for your dream holiday or just take a couple of nights in the UK, where travelling won’t be a massive chore, everyone speaks the lingo and you can concentrate on spending time together, just the two of you.

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