We often get asked what are the pros and cons of fresh or artificial flowers. So here they are with some lovely colourful images by SDS Photography and Jonathan Stockton Photography.

There are literally thousands of flower choices available, from traditional to modern styles all available in lots of different colours to match with almost any colour scheme all with various textures and fragrances.
Due to the seasons some flowers are only available at certain times of year. Some flowers are highly scented and can affect hay fever sufferers. As flowers are a fresh product they will not last forever, although they could last a week or so after your wedding day.


All types of flowers are available at all times of year as there are no seasonal availability issues to consider because they are not a fresh product, so no need to worry about highly scented flowers either. The flowers will be everlasting so you can keep them for years after your wedding.
Because the flowers are not natural they will not have the natural characterises of flowers such as the smell, texture and colour choice. Not all types of flowers and foliages are currently available in artificial flowers so there may be a slightly limited amount of choice.


With regards to pricing good quality fresh and artificial flowers cost around the same price. If you can’t decide between fresh or artificial flowers why not have fresh flowers for your wedding day and then an artificial replica bouquet made so you can treasure it forever, this way you get the best of both worlds.

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