Your honeymoon is probably the most important holiday you and your partner will ever have as a couple. As such, it should be extravagant! Go all out and have as much fun as you can. Sydney is a great choice for a honeymoon, not just because of what it has to offer but also because it offers it with style. You can have the perfect luxurious holiday if you just learn the secrets behind Sydney and its surroundings. Here are a few suggestions that will help you make the most of your honeymoon in Sydney.

Luxury Dwellings

We will start with the obvious ‒ find a great place to stay. Sydney has beautiful hotels and resorts, but you should also take into consideration which part of Sydney they overlook. Some of the best hotels have a breathtaking view of the Sydney Harbor. If you book a stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney, the Shangri-La Hotel Sydney or the Park Hyatt Sydney, you will have the most amazing view overlooking one of the world’s most beautiful harbors.

Fine Dining

Snow Egg, Quay


Sydney enjoys a fine reputation among gourmets. You can find a number of high-end restaurants whose chefs are known for their talents and meals prepared with care and fresh local produce. Your honeymoon is the perfect time to have romantic dinners at exclusive restaurants while enjoying the view over this beautiful city. The Bridge Room and Quay are both great choices and if you get a chance to have a feast there, make sure not to miss out on the opportunity.

Hunter Valley



The Hunter Valley is Australia’s oldest wine region, and some of the world’s best wines are produced right here. It is located just two hours from Sydney, and it should definitely be one of your getaway destinations during your honeymoon. You can get there easily, and if you find a reliable limo rental, you can have a luxurious journey as well. Being the place where some excellent wines are produced, it offers amazing dining options as well. Here you can enjoy a fine meal with a complementing wine and soak in the countryside scenery. You might even decide to stay the night. Their fine dining, relaxing spas, golf courses, and wine tours are bound to make you happy. Château Élan and Crowne Plaza are great resorts where you can stay and experience the quiet luxury of the Hunter Valley.


Blue Mountains

If you want to see the most beautiful natural treasures Australia has to offer, you don’t have to go far from Sydney. The Blue Mountains are less than two hours away from Sydney and they are the perfect place to explore nature on your honeymoon. You can hike through lush forests and canyons, kayak down the river, or admire its beautiful waterfalls and caves. Other than this, you will find accommodation rivaling some of the world’s best resorts. There are a few secret tree houses that are unlike any other in the world. They offer you a peaceful rest after your explorations, a stunning view overlooking the Blue Mountains, and luxury ‒ all in the midst of Australian wilderness.

Byron Bay


This beachside town is a perfect getaway if you are looking for an adventure. It is very popular with surfers, but the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay are also great for a relaxing day in the sun. One of the most popular activities in Byron Bay is skydiving, as it gives you an opportunity to enjoy a unique view of the scenery. The Byron Bay Lighthouse is a famous landmark of the town, and you can hike or ride a bicycle to it. Apart from its adventurous side, Byron Bay is also a place of lavishness and luxury. Booking a stay in one of its exclusive resorts is a must if you want to experience Byron Bay with style. Have your meals on one of the many terraces with a view over the coastline and rejuvenate your body with spa treatments.

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