You’re getting married! Your pets are a big part of your life and your relationship, and you, the happy couple, want to make sure that they are represented in the ceremony. Whether you have more traditional pets like large or small  dog or cats, or more exotic pets like birds, lizards, or even pigs or goats, if having them as part of the wedding is important to you, where there’s a will there’s a way.

Diligent pet owners of all kinds can search around for venues that will accept their pets, especially pets such as horses, goats, lambs, or birds. Venues or churches that accept the more exotic pets are harder to find, and many won’t even accept dogs or cats. If the wedding and the reception are at two different places, your pets may be able to attend the reception if they can behave around other people. Have a friend or two ready to be on pet duty if this is the case, to calm your pet down if he or she gets excited, loud or needs to potty.

Otherwise, here are a few great suggestions for working your four-legged babies into your wedding, whether they can be there or not!

Pet-Themed Favors & Cards

Before the event even takes place, pets can be included by being present on announcements, invitations and other stationery. Place cards, the guest book, and the favors can also all feature your babies of feather, mane or fur. Some couples take photos with their pets while others have a drawing printed on. People whose pets have patterns, such as spots or stripes, might opt to use this as a color scheme on the wedding stationery as well.

The Ceremony

If you manage to find a venue where your pets can attend the wedding, there are lots of cute ways they can be a part of the ceremony. The most popular is to have pets be ring-bearers by securing the rings in a small bag or box to the pet’s collar or even to a pillow on the pet’s back. Pets might also be called upon to stand with the couple during the ceremony, walk the aisle with the flower children, or even as best man or maid of honor.

Complimenting the Bride or Groom

Some pets love it ham it up, having no problem wearing any kind of clothes. Other pets have difficulty with clothes, but still need to be on a leash or harness. Whichever one your pets are, there are options to include them in the color scheme of the wedding! Dressy animals can be dressed to match the groom or the bridesmaids, and the bride’s bouquet provides plenty of inspiration for collar, tack or leash decorations.

Cocktails & Wine

Maybe your pets can’t be at the wedding or the reception. As unfortunate as it is to leave them out of the main event (make sure you have a reliable pet sitter!), they can still be included in spirit – literally! Concocting a cocktail named after a pet is one way your pets can be at your wedding no matter what. Some people even have bottled wine or spirits with their pets on the label, as well as the date of the wedding. Favors like this can be fun long after the wedding!

The Registry

People who love their pets often love all animals, hating to see them suffer or hoping to learn more about them through research. A generous way pets can be a part of a couple’s wedding is for the registry to ask donations be made to an animal-themed charity of the couple’s choosing. Often, this involves giving based on breed or even to the shelter the pet was adopted from.

Involving your pet in your wedding can be easy and fun, even if the pet can’t be at the actual event. Our furry, hooved, feathered, and scaly friends all are a part of our families, and recognizing the joy they bring to us on the most joyous occasion of a wedding is one of the many ways we share our lives with them.

Article written by Shannon Lochwood



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