Cost: It’s what everyone worries about. This is ta guide around the pricing of wedding video. It will give you some pointers on the cost of a wedding video and how to structure your planning so that it can fit into a budget. There are basically 3 different brackets of wedding video

  • £300- £1000
  • £1000 ish
  • £1000+ ish

I did my first one for free just to see if I liked it. What I liked best about it was the underlying sense that I was making something that really mattered. Not just on that day, and not just as a means of remembering a particular moment in time – but because video is the best snapshot of who you were at that pivotal moment.

You can pose a photo, but you can’t escape the underlying truth of film.

I tell my business clients; ‘most people know what you do, but video will tell them who you are’. For them it’s important because people don’t buy services, they buy other people. For you it’s important because as you grow you will change.

I’m 37 and I barely remember who I was when I was 27. I was hard back then, a copper. I fought people, rolled around on the floor, picked up body parts. Now, for reasons I don’t really understand I’m much more sensitive. Video gives you the nuance; the walk, the touch, the glance between lovers, the background noise, the music you liked.

Your wedding video is not just the story of one day, it’s a benchmark in your life. You’ll never regret having one made.

 How does a videographer justify the cost?

I don’t charge more for wedding video than I would any other kind of video. I’m £350 per day, and that include aerial videography from my drone, if you want it. It’s the time your’e paying for, my time and my resources.

Sub The £1000 bracket

In the £300 – £1000 bracket you will probably find someone who is willing to stand at the back of your ceremony with one camera on a tripod and record. They will probably give you 8 hrs of time so that would cover from probably the ceremony starting to the first dance – ish. To be honest, you don’t really need a videographer for that. You can probably find a mate with a DSLR and a tripod and just leave it running. You probably won’t get any editing for that price either. But you will get a nice memento you can look back over and enjoy in the years to come – but just manage your own expectations here: £300 doesn’t buy much time and you do get what you pay for.

Double it and you’ll get a day of editing and probably some music, but you won’t get the greatest amount of sound, and you might only get one camera angle. I don’t generally work in this cost bracket unless its for a good cause, such as when I gave some time to a family going through a horrible ordeal and saw the need to give them more than they had paid me for

The £1000 ish bracket

 This is generally where I start. £1000 will cover you for:

1) The getting ready moments, golden and lovely as they are

2) The ceremony

3) The wedding breakfast and the party

That will take about 12hrs which is a day and a half, which is about £600.

After the day of the shoot, there will be a lot of material to transfer, back up, and then watch through.

You then get a day and a little bit more of editing. The last wedding I did in that bracket took 12 hrs to shoot, and about 24hrs to edit, thats 4 days which would cost £1400 <a href=”″>heres a 24 second snippet</a>. However if you choose us, we can agree the price beforehand.

For a bit of extra cost you can probably ask for an additional videographer for a half day and that would help you massively by giving the opportunity for the extra angle, or more sound.

You’ll have to make some compromises, but you will get a great video.

The £1000+ bracket

 So now we move into the cinematic masterpiece territory. Once you move out of that £1000 cost bracket you get a lot more freedom to mix and match your video. I’ll be doing a piece on different styles of wedding video in the coming weeks, but basically you are paying for more time and more operators. Do you want some testimonial from each other about each other? Do you want to read letters to each other and film the result? Did you want the proposal to be filmed? Do you want a few hours following you around at work, at home, doing something normal together? The basic factor you need to consider in all of this is time! Your’e buying time thats all.

£1000 is a strong building block price, from there you can build your video in a sort of modular style and buy extra days or half days here and there to do what you like!

Hopefully this gives you a bit of a point in the right direction. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want a chat – conversations are always for free!

Many thanks to Chris Rawson of Radar  Film  

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