Once you’ve found your ideal wedding dress, your hair is probably the next thing on your mind. Tumbledown beachy waves, or elegant updo? Tiara or a few scattered pins? Braid or bun? These can be surprisingly tough questions to answer. So how do you go about selecting the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day? Here’s our top four tips and tricks …

Bridal hair

  • Be bold – but not too bold – and try everything: As long as you start a couple of months before the big day, you can explore plenty of styles before settling on that final look. So feel free to be brave and creative! Put together a portfolio of styles and take them to your hairdresser. They’ll be more than happy to tell you which looks are worth trying and which should probably be left alone. The only thing you need to be careful about is chopping too much off, or going for a wild colour that might take a long time to grow out.
  • Consider your dress: Matching your hairstyle to your dress can bring your whole bridal look together, and it’s not that tricky to do. For example, if your dress has a high neckline, an updo can complement it perfectly. If you’re going for bohemian chic, flowing and wavy locks will look fab. Found the ideal vintage dress? A hairstyle that fits in with the era (plus the matching accessories) is going to be a far better fit than something more edgy and modern. The key is to take a little time to figure out what type of hairstyle will work with your dress, and then look at variations of it to come up with something perfect.
  • Stay comfortable: You obviously want to look amazing on your big day, but remember that you want to be comfortable too. If your hairstyle takes excessive scraping, spraying, and clipping to hold everything in place, it’s probably going to get a little irritating after a few hours. Comfort is key, so choose wisely!
  • Understand your hair type: Your hair type can drastically impact the effectiveness of certain styling techniques. It’s not enough to know how to straighten hair for a sleek updo, for example: you need to think about how to straighten the hair you That’s not to say that curly haired girls can’t sport a poker-straight mane on their big day, or that flat hair can’t be persuaded to hold a curl. You just need to lock down the best way to go about getting your desired look.

Your hairdresser is the ultimate authority on this, so make sure you open up the communication lines early and take their advice on what alterations to your natural hair type might work. You can also start experimenting with styling methods at home – like how to straighten hair (sites like Dove can help here) – to speed the process along. Then you can report back to your hairdresser with your findings on hair styling and what products actually hold your curls in place, where your parting looks best – and what to avoid, too.

That’s it! Now remember: choosing your ideal wedding hair (and achieving that look) is something to be enjoyed, not feared. Have fun while you try all these new styles out, and take plenty of pictures, too!

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