From the lavish accessories and the Art Deco of the Great Gatsby to the cupcake phenomenon inspired in Sex on the City, wedding cakes are one of the most iconic traditions of bridal celebrations.

Bakers and sugar pastry artists have dedicated their lives to produce the most astonishing pieces of edible art. Proof of that, are some remarkable cakes that have become trends and part of history books. For example, the cake for the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles was created by the British naval armed forces over 14 weeks and a slice was sold at auction in 2015 for $1,375. After 20 years, the royal bakers managed to preserve the cake by frizzing it and assured that the cake was still edible.

Other great example is the cake of Priscilla and Elvis Presley’s wedding. This centre piece was the tallest of the 70’s. In fact, this outstanding six-tier wedding cake became an icon and costed $3,200, the equivalent to $22,000 in today’s economy.

Not only the tiers or the shapes of the cakes have changed to embrace the culture, recipes have varied through time. Hence, during World War II the icing practice became very difficult and bakers used mashed potato to practise; only one pound of icing would be used for a whole cake decorating class during several weeks.

You can learn more about the history of wedding cakes and enjoy the beautiful illustrations created by Fairmont Hotels They will take you through the decades showing you how recipes, decorations, and traditions have changed in the last century.

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