One of the most important aspects of planning your wedding is choosing your flowers. They add color, vibrance, and elegance to your venue, and the aroma elevates the ambience of your special day. While old school wedding planners may insist you need a personal florist, you can get exactly what you want using an online florist as long as you know the tricks to finding the best place to order your wedding flowers online. 

1. Does ordering online fit your style? Are you more of wholesale flower, do-it-yourself kind of girl who wants to add her own flair, or do you prefer ready made bouquets and arrangements?  Do you really want a personal florist who will design according to your specifications?  All of these options are available with online floral orders, but you have to know what you want so you know what questions to ask and get your desired results.  Which leads to the next question

2.  Does it fit your budget?  Depending on your answers above, you will need to find an online provider that will match your wish list with your budget. Wholesale flowers generally will be much cheaper than a personal floral artist. Prices can vary widely, so be sure to do your research.

3. Do you know who you are buying from? Make sure you choose a reputable online florist. As mentioned above, your flowers are an important part of both your wedding and reception. They need to be on time and fresh. Read the reviews and testimonials posted online. Be certain they are experienced in designing specifically for weddings. After all, your wedding isn’t just any ordinary day. Your flowers shouldn’t be either.

4.Does your order come with a satisfaction guarantee? Some online providers offer a refund if you’re not happy, but this could leave you holding dollar bills instead of flowers on your wedding day. You need a satisfaction guarantee that you will be completely pleased with your flowers when they arrive fresh and on time. Many online retailers offer a local backup florist who can deliver a substitute should you be displeased with your order.

5. Do they customize? Some online florists may want you to select a predetermined wedding package for your flowers. You may want to ask if you can change the flowers themselves, the colors, the ribbons, the accessories, etc.  Or, do you want want them to completely customize the bouquets and arrangements? If so, you may want to ask them if they know the symbolic meanings behind different floral varieties to create the perfect floral design for your wedding. Yes, this is a true thing dating back to Victorian times when men used specific flowers to show their feelings for the women they were courting. For example, roses symbolize love, joy, and beauty. Chrysanthemums signify wealth, abundance, and truth, while stephanotis represent marital happiness. You may want to quiz your floral artist and make sure they can create exactly what you want if this appeals to you.

You can find the flowers you want for your wedding online. Be clear on what you want, the price range you can afford, and the quality you demand, and then do your research. With some time and effort, you find exactly what you want for your big day.


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