After the bells have tolled, the glitz and glam faded and the white gown came off, along with the stifling tie, the sweet humming sounds of airplane take the stage and fly you two lovebirds off to an exotic location. But where to?

Now is the time to unwind, as wedding planning is a stressful endeavor, making the honeymoon first period in a long time that you get the chance to enjoy each other’s company. We’re certain you have a bucket list with all the world capitals you wish to see, but would you set it aside for just a moment and think – wouldn’t it be better to indulge yourself in the natural wonders of this world and find escape in a green nook?

The problem is, they are difficult to discover – and we are here to reveal them.

Costa Rica

Tucked in between the Northern and Southern American continent, Costa Rica is the Pacific epicenter of the rugged, rainforested scenery. Its roaring volcanoes and rich biodiversity make it one of the most wanted eco travel destinations, and due to the community’s great devotion to the protection of the nature preserve and habitat, it seems it is going to stay intact for years to come. As such, it has attracted couples who were looking to escape the bustling city streets and settle inside the luxurious tree houses located deep in a rainforest. Costa Rica is a heavenly place where you’ll enjoy the touch of a silky sheet, while gently rocking in a cozy hammock in the arms of your loved one.


Safely hidden on the east coast of Africa, while lassoed by the great waves of the Indian Ocean, Tanzania keeps its Mafia Island hidden from the eyes of those who have no appreciation of the Eden-like natural beauties. This tropical resorts is widely known for its pleasantly warm weather year-round, with an occasional light rain stopping by between April and June. Mafia Island has won the hearts of avid fisherman and scuba divers; thus, regardless of whether you wish to spend the honeymoon in a complete serenity, or you crave for a bit more active adventure, be sure that Tanzania has something to offer to suit everyone’s taste.

Nevertheless, what makes the scenery of this place uniquely stunning is the dual influence the river and sea have on the landscape. Both on the coast and at the bottom of the sea, you will encounter rich aquatic life, exceptional biodiversity and breathtaking coral gardens. No other destination will offer such refreshing experience to bring you back to life after years of exposure to the hectic modern world.


One of the most populous countries, covering less than 130 square miles, Vietnam is the home to some of the most beautiful limestone-rich national parks. What makes Vietnam one-of-a-kind destination for eco-travelers is the fact that you can enjoy a first-class service in a luxurious accommodation, while being completely immersed in nature. They’ve truly taken tourism to a higher level – the one where you find yourself sitting on a patio on a cliff, overlooking the ocean and dense pine tree forests.

Now, when you’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Vietnam, to make sure everything goes smoothly and as expected, many turn to reputable agencies and tourist agents. And while they do provide a certain dose of comfort, you still get a one-dimensional holiday that you share with dozens of other tourists in your group. It does not sound that romantic when you put it that way, does it? Look for solutions like 1000 Trees that would handle your bookings and payments, while allowing you to select whichever date and accommodation you find to suite your liking.


Instead of a dry and artificial air condition, opt for a mild and fresh ocean breeze on the beaches of the Caribbean Sea. In Belize, your eco travel honeymoon will be enriched with authentic marine life and dense jungles, known to keep some of the greatest secrets of Mayan tribes. If the ruins could talk, they would tell you stories about centuries-old adventures. And you two would be witnessing their magnificence in its original state. For a romantic dinner, you’d get to choose from the menu supplied by the local fisherman, spiced up with authentic wines from Francis Coppola’s vineyards.

So what’s it going to be? Coupled scuba diving in a mystical ocean, or a laid-back gaze over the treetops and into the horizon?

So what’s it going to be? Coupled scuba diving in a mystical ocean, or a laid-back gaze over the treetops and into the horizon?

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