Your wedding party has stuck with you through thick and thin. They’ve seen the meltdowns, the triumphs and probably set you up a few times on that hen or stag party. This is why they deserve only the best when it comes to that special gift, usually presented to them either the night before or during the speeches. Here are six perfect present ideas, to gift your wedding party with:

Something to wear on the big day

A small piece of jewellery your wedding party can add to their outfit on the day will be well received. For the men, a pair of cufflinks is a traditional gift, while for the ladies a diamond pendant (from the likes of Diamonds Factory) will sit pretty with whatever dress you decide for them.

Nightwear for the morning of

Nothing says wedding like matching dressing gowns for the bridesmaids, be sure to get them personalised with their names and the date on the back and then have some cute photos taken on the morning of the wedding as you get ready in them. It’s one of the easiest gifts to put together but one that can be used time and time again after the day.

A hangover kit for the morning after

It’s no secret that weddings usually go on into the early hours of the morning and a significant amount of alcohol is consumed so put together a little kit for your wedding party to help them get through the day after your big day. Small canvas zip bags that can be personalised with their names are a great choice; fill them with painkillers, small bottles of water and their favourite snacks to ensure they function after the night before.

Personalised glassware

A pint glass or champagne flute with the wedding party member’s name etched in will serve as a reminder of the fun day forever more and can either be used to drink from or treated as an ornament for the kitchen. You can find personalised glassware available to purchase from sites such as Not on the High Street and Etsy. Just be sure to order them in plenty of time!

Spa days or activity days

Worried about not seeing your wedding party together again in the near future? Then book a spa day for everyone or an activity day such as paintball for a month or so after the wedding as a little thank you gift and a way of encouraging everyone to stay in touch.

Their favourite drink

You can’t go wrong with the gift of alcohol, so pick up a large bottle of their favourite tipple and present this to them as a thank you on the day. If you’re not sure what they’d like you can’t go wrong with a pricey bottle of champagne!

Choose one of these perfect presents for your wedding party, as a way of thanking them for all their help in the run up to the big day.

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