Our tastes all vary which means one person’s idea of a good time is, potentially, going to differ wildly from someone else.

When planning a hen do it is important, before you do anything else, to consider the type of hen this party is for and what she will really want from it. Of course you do also need to take into account all guests attending – your plan might be tweaked to accommodate the mother of the bride, for example. But, ultimately, it needs to reflect the bride-to-be. It’s her show after all and if she is someone who enjoys spending time in the country rather than at a club and you take her for a few days of partying, you might find it becomes something she wants to forget, rather than a weekend to remember and that would be a huge shame.

Once you determine the type of hen she is, this will help you to plan every part of the weekend from the location to the activities.   

So, here are five types of hens and what they really want from their party, to help you get that all-important first decision sorted:

1.Party Animal  

Is the bride-to-be always the first one on the dance floor? Is she the go-to-girl for those looking for a night on the town? If she loves nothing more than gossiping over cocktails at the bar or dancing the night away in a club – then you know exactly what you need to do for her hen party. If you are looking to stay in the UK then there are plenty of cities that offer a vibrant nightlife – such as Bristol, Brighton or Manchester.

But, if you fancy a little more sun, how about Ibiza or Magaluf? Make sure you research the bars and clubs available and perhaps, to make this an extra special night, get her on the guest list and provide her with the VIP experience.

 2.Beach Babe

If your girl is always in search of the sun and loves to spend her days relaxing on a golden sandy beach as the palm trees blow softly in the wind above her head, then this hen party is heading to the Mediterranean. By day you can take part in water activities before relaxing in the sun and by night you can enjoy dinner and drinks on the beach.

If a hen party abroad isn’t an option, then Cornwall is the perfect alternative – boasting the mildest climate in the UK, beautiful beaches and plenty to keep you entertained.

3. Country Girl

Is your best friend a girl that enjoys sitting beside a log fire with a good book, going for long walks in the country before finding a pub for a glass of red wine and a roast dinner? Then why not book a cosy cottage in the New Forest and plan to do just that. You can play games and gossip over glass of wine as you keep warm in the cottage and take long walks through the Forest, appreciating the natural beauty of nature and perhaps even spotting a few ponies along the way. Make this weekend extra special by organising a pamper day – a hot tub and massage will be the perfect way to unwind after all that walking.

4. City Explorer

Is there a European city the hen has always wanted to tick off her bucket list? Does she fancy visiting the Thermal Bath in Budapest, or experiencing Temple Bar in Dublin? If she loves to explore a new city then take her to one she is yet to visit – you are sure to create special memories that last long after the weekend comes to an end.

5. Pampered Princess

If this bride loves to be pampered then a spa weekend will be perfect for her. Spend your days swimming, relaxing in the sauna and steam room and discussing the upcoming wedding from the Jacuzzi, before heading off for a few treatments. Once you are feeling rested, why not indulge yourself with afternoon tea?

Mant thanks to Debbie Fletcher for this article.

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