1. Set yourself a budget large or small to give the people you are going to rely on helping you a fighting chance of giving your the guidance you need. We always ask for a budget, it is not a clever trick to squeeze you for more money but there is no sense showing you something you love only to give you the price and for you to have a heart attack
2. Consider her preferences around metal colour and stone choice. Remember she may want to wear the piece on the day but she will almost certainly wear it after the big day. Blue is a favourite, as fits the bill for the something blue, so consider Sapphire which is also the September birthstone. Diamonds, pearls and if the budget is tight a simulant like cubic zirconia may all be options. The neutral colours mean you can wear the piece over and over again and it will likely become a firm favourite.
3. Style is big deal and you don’t want to pick something that she will never wear again or just isn’t her style. Have a good look in her jewellery box and look at what she wears day to day but remember this is her big day so you need something special, it has to WOW! We usually ask for some photos of her as it helps to build a picture of what she likes, her dress size, hair length and colouring which are all important factors when making a decision.
4. We always get a female assistant of a similar dress size, skin colour, hair colour or ideally all of the above to try the piece on. Jewellery always looks different on and it is quite difficult to decide on what to buy by standing at the window and pointing to something visualising is much easier when you can see it on someone.
5. Remember this purchase like the ones leading up to the big day have all been emotive purchases and if you have followed the steps above then go with your instinct. You should by now know her better than anyone else and she is bound to love what you have chosen simply because you made the effort and chose it for her. We tend to find that counts for a lot!
Many thanks to The Jewellers Guild for this article.

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