For the bride and groom, the wedding planning and preparation process means a lot of new information, excitement and cares. Endless questions and a huge list of the things you need to do sometimes don’t allow you to sleep at night. Without a doubt, all these efforts are pleasant enough. But still, it is very difficult to make a good plan for a wedding without help. Here is a month by month wedding planning checklist. It will help you get everything done on time. Also, we’re highlighting 15 useful tips to make your wedding planning process more easily.

  1. The first planning decision is choosing a wedding date. Start your wedding planning and preparation process in advance, for 3-6 months.
  2. Think about how much money you’re comfortable spending for your wedding. The budget definition was completed? Start your month-by-month wedding planning checklist.
  3. Distribute the wedding budget reasonably. Remember, quality of services is the main. And don’t forget, 5-10% of the wedding budget is unexpected expenses.
  4. Find a professional wedding coordinator, it could be your friend or an agency.
  5. Buy a special diary. Make a to-do list, also write spontaneous ideas which you want to discuss with your fiancé.
  6. Create a wedding guest list and a wedding seating plan, but take into account kindred and friendly relations between your guest.
  7. Invite guests in advance. The deadline is a month before the wedding.
  8. If you’re going to invite children to the wedding, decide on what kind of foods you want to serve them.
  9. Prepare your wedding guest gifts.
  10. Make all wedding decisions together. Even the little things the bride and groom must discuss with each other.
  11. Take care of different kinds of alcohol for your wedding banquet. For sure, your guests have different alcoholic beverage preferences.
  12. Don’t forget to make prepaid rent accounting of the place where your wedding reception will hold.
  13. A few weeks before the wedding day don’t conduct experiments with your appearance or unfamiliar cosmetic procedures.
  14. Don’t plan a stag and hen party in the last days before the wedding.
  15. Enjoy the preparation for the happiest day of your life and love each other!

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