With the high-summer wedding season finished, wedding guests have been revealing what they find annoying from attending their loved one’s big day in a survey by Candyking Parties.

While it may be a day filled with happy memories for the bride and groom, guests have other ideas as they have been sharing what leaves them with a frown.

From wedding traditions, new trends and ceremony pet hates, guests have left no stone unturned when it comes to dishing what they want to ban from weddings altogether and what they want happy couples to keep in mind when planning the day.

During the ceremony crying babies annoyed 45% of guests, with phone’s going off also proving a distraction as the bride and groom make their vows.

Hungry guests are certainly unhappy guests, as 26% said that waiting too long in between the ceremony and wedding breakfast was their biggest annoyance about being a guest at a wedding – remember those canapes is the message.

A top table is the tradition that guests want to ban as 23% said they would like to see the back of it, with light-up letters and social media hashtags annoying 29% and 30% of guests respectively.

For more on what annoys wedding guests take a look at this infographic

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