Wedding favours have become an integral part of a wedding day, with the happy couple wanting to provide their much-loved guests with a small thank you as a token of their appreciation in helping them in their journey to the altar.

Yet, when the wedding budget is tight, forking out a healthy sum for a gift which your guests may, or may not, take home, is likely to be the last thing you want to do. Yet, buying a gift which is universally appealing to all of your guests is tricky to do – what appeals to one, might not appeal to another.

Advice is on hand, as we round up some of the best wedding favours that you can create on a budget, that your guests will love too.

Personalised Candle

This sweet-smelling gift will provide your guests with a homeware piece which they can burn in the weeks after your wedding, plus it will double up as a place name on the day.

You’ll need to purchase some glass jars, or you could fill up some old vintage-style teacups with scented wax (just add an essential oil) – don’t forget to include the wick. Then add a DIY tag – think slate heart or cardboard tag with the name written on. A hessian bow will also add a vintage touch.

 Flower Pots

 First up in our garden-themed favours is a flower bunch for your guests to take home.

To keep costs low, purchase some toccata pots as these will be cheaper than fancier designs. You could even buy some plastic ones and spray paint them for an even bigger cost saving. Then fill up with soil and a small plant or flower bunch. Stack them on a stand with a sign inviting your guests to take one on the way home.

 Bottle Opener

 One for adults only, this can be used instead of a table plan to show guests where they need to sit.

Take a large photo frame, remove the middle and hang string from either side. Purchase some key-style bottle openers (or whatever style takes your fancy) and hang them on along with a name tag. We guarantee this is one your guests will use for years to come!

Childs Goody Box

If you offer a gift that’s strictly adults-only, it’s only fair that the little ones have something exclusively for them too.

Grab a party bag and fill it full of activities to keep kids entertained – colouring books, pencils, lego, bubbles and a sweet treat too is perfect to keep them occupied. You could also include a disposable camera and allow them to snap they day from their perspective – you are guaranteed to be left with some hilarious snaps!

Time for Tea

Who doesn’t enjoy a good old cuppa?! This one is particularly good for those who are getting married abroad, as it’s a well-known fact that no one makes a tea quite like the British do.

Grab a bag of your favourite blend and package into a little box or bag. Add a little note with how you enjoy your favourite brew and don’t forget a name tag too!

Bake Me Cookies

This one requires a little more preparation than most, but it’s sure to be a sweet gift that your guests won’t want to forget.

You will need a mason jar and a cookie recipe of your choice (search on Pinterest for some tempting delights). Then tie on a tag with instructions on how to make, including cooking time.

Photo Frame

If you have a photo booth at your wedding then this one if perfect as it gives your guests a place to store their memories of the day.

Place a photo frame nearby the photo booth or you could use it to double up as name place setting if you wish. While you could opt for including the date of your wedding or names if you wish on the frames, the plainer the better as this is likely to fit in with guests décor at home far better.

Drinks Coaster

Nothing says cheers like a drinks coaster, and this will not only be of use on the day, but can also be used post-wedding by your guests too.

Whether you use offcuts of wood which are personalised with your wedding parties names, or something simpler, it’s a gift which is bound to get plenty of use and remind guests of the happy day for years to come.

 Sow our Love

A little audience participation never goes amiss, and while this one is likely to take a while to be seen, it’s a gift that is likely to garner a ‘how lovely’ comment or two!

Take a paper bag, we love a personalised one with the date of your wedding and a little thank-you note on the front, with sowing instructions on the bag. Then fill up with flower seeds for your guests to sow, and be met with a colourful bloom in the months to come.

Homemade Condiments

If you’re a couple who is known for their love of food, then this gift is perfect to reflect you as a partnership.

Whether you give your guests a homemade jam, chutney or oil, it’s a gift for your guests and their tummies! It may take a big batch of preparation, but we highly doubt that this will be left behind.

Whatever wedding favour you decide to gift, remember that it’s the thought that counts and guests are of course there to celebrate your big day, rather than receive a gift. If budget is something which is playing on your mind, then the Wedding Cost Calculator can help to keep costs down as it takes you through every cost you are likely to encounter as you plan your wedding – a handy tool for a budget-friendly wedding.

Article by Rebecca Moore

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