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From the moment an engagement is announced, a bride can and will be barraged with questions from family friends and coworkers. Because a wedding is an exciting event to plan and to be a part of, questions are only natural. However, some questions are best avoided altogether. Here are the top 10 questions that you should never ask a bride before her big day.

  1. Why are you getting married? When two people get engaged, it is assumed it’s because they are in love with each other and want to spend their lives together. Never make the assumption that one or the other partner has an ulterior motive or is marrying for anything other than love.
  1. Have you set a date? – Often when an engagement is announced, family and friends want to start getting everything ready. Slow down. It’s best to give the bride and groom a chance to work out what day will work best for them.
  1. Are you planning on losing weight before the wedding? Just the stress can make a bride lose weight on her own. Asking this question implies who she is right now somehow isn’t enough.
  1. Can I bring a date? Most invitations will be addressed to the specific people who are invited to the wedding. Before asking the bride this question, check that first. If it’s addressed only to you, then assume that only you are invited. On the other hand, if the invitation is addressed to you and a “guest”, then it is alright, but certainly not required, to attend with a date.
  1. Can I bring my kids? If the invitation is addressed to you and your spouse and not to the entire family, then it’s probably safe to assume that you’ll need a babysitter on that date. The bride may have planned an adults-only gathering, for example, where having children present was not a part of the bride’s plans.
  1. Did you get a prenup? This question can be particularly offensive to a bride because it suggests that the marriage may be doomed even before the couple exchanges vows. Prenuptial agreements have increased in recent years and couples get them for a variety of reasons. However, a prenup should be between the bride and groom and their attorney.
  1. Can I have a peek at your dress? The first appearance of a bride at her wedding is probably the most highly anticipated moments of all. It’s when she gets to make her grand entrance. If the bride wants to show you the dress beforehand, fine; but never insist on seeing it in advance.
  1. Do you need help with anything? Everyone wants to lend a helping hand. Try to be specific about the kind of help you are offering such as addressing invitations or cleanup, for example.
  1. What kind of food are you having at the reception? Try to avoid making special requests such as gluten free, vegetarian or other special dishes if at all possible. A discreet inquiry to the caterer on the day of the reception will avoid any potential problems. It’ll be one less thing for the bride to worry about.
  1. How much did that cost? Asking a bride about how much is being spent or about her budget is not your concern. Inquiring how much the groom spent on the engagement ring or how many karats is just tacky. Couples spend considerable time together picking out their engagement ring and wedding bands. You don’t need to second-guess their decision!




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